One thing you must be aware of when taking pain relief treatments for arthritis is that by just relieving the pain, you are not curing the cause of the pain. Some people experience a worsening of the arthritis condition regardless of the pain relief they use. Because there is no cure for arthritis, pain relief is really the only choice for millions that suffer from this disease.

Arthritis is a progressive and debilitating disease that can have an effect on different parts of the body. This includes the bones, muscles and joints. People suffering from arthritis may experience minor symptoms, or the more severe cases can cause someone to suffer with agonizing pain.

Medical science has not been successful in finding the cause of arthritis, and people can have the same or different symptoms. Some of the most common of the symptoms is soreness in the joints, joint stiffness and redness or pain around the affected area. The intensity of pain can vary from person to person, so it’s important to know what your pain relief options are.

There are plenty of pain relief options to consider. The more common options for relief are pain relief gels and creams. These are generally applied directly to the painful area around the joints. Some of the best-selling ones are the cooling gels and creams.

The more popular cream and gel treatments have peppermint or menthol in the ingredients. They work by providing a soothing sensation that makes the pain feel as if it has gone away. Most of these products are quite effective for moderate arthritis conditions.

Another pain relief option is products containing a salicylates base. They are comparable to Aspirin and have the benefit of an anti-inflammatory while offering relief for pain. With all medications, you should talk to your doctor before you try using any of these products to ensure they don’t have side effects for any other medical conditions you might have.

If the arthritis condition has gone past the stage of treating it with topical gels and creams because they do not seem effective, your doctor will probably prescribe some oral medications. Most of these medications are taken daily and are a stronger option for the pain symptoms.

The topical pain relief methods are usually tried first and can be used along with other treatments. It is important to realize that if you are overly reliant on your creams or gels for pain relief, it is an indication that you need something stronger prescribed by your doctor.