Joint pain is commonly produced by inflammation resulting from illnesses, such as arthritis, and injuries. Along with pain, symptoms usually involve swelling and rigidity. There are several medical techniques and medications that alleviate the pain. Before looking at doctors, people are encouraged to obtain information online.

People should contact physical or occupational therapists if daily activities become too much to bear. The professionals will recommend tasks and exercises that reduce the stress. Patients can also experiment with different drugs and therapies. Herbs, yoga, massage, and acupuncture are useful tools to prevent and stop pain. People must find the right products and dosages for themselves.

Foods that cause joint pain are usually high in purines or other substances that create uric acid when broken down. Various types of meats, such as fish, organs, and game, contain high amounts. Certain vegetables, including peas, beans, and mushrooms, are high in purines as well. The best step to take is to avoid the foods or consume them in moderation.

People are encouraged to consume anti-inflammatory foods. Following a healthy diet is necessary to control the production of hazardous acids and inflammatory chemicals. Inflammatory foods contain high amounts of sugar, flour, and saturated fat. Eating more fruits, grains and vegetables is needed to balance the effects. Over-the-counter medication is used to reduce inflammation.

Different pain relief options are made for different joints. Knee joint pain relief is important because the knees may be the most important joints. Pain in this area is common, even though knees are meant to take beatings. Pain in this area is treated with massages, exercises, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), and ice compression treatments. Finger joint pain is less common, but it is still important to treat because it may be a first sign of arthritis. Ankle joint pain should be treated right away or walking will be affected. Affected people may have to use crutches or wheelchairs as they receive treatment.

Eating whole foods and exercising are important steps to avoid joint pain. Not all whole foods work for everyone, and some exercises are dangerous if performed incorrectly. People affected by joint pain must come up with effective healing and prevention plans.